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Al Ain City Tour

This is a green city of the United Arab emirates ruled by Abu Dhabi, as it is  a province of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The tour starts in the morning by around 9 am and finishes in the evening by 6 o’ clock. The driving distance to Al Ain is around 2 and half hours by a luxury vehicle guided by an experienced professional guide.  We shall be passing through beautiful highways, decorated with lush green palm trees. It is a well-known fact that the country does not have a rainy season, nevertheless, each of these plants are provided with millions of gallons of water. Al Ain City Tour in DubaiSince the water is generated by process of desalination, the cost of water here is more than oil in this world. So one could imagine the amount of money spent in keeping the city green.

Al Ain is one of those historical cities and by way of many excavations has found remains of rich dynasties who have lived in this part of the world. During our tour we shall be visiting some of these rich archaeological sites.

Soon, we reach the city center of Al Ain. We shall be stepping into the Hilly gardens and spending some time there,  we will visit the oasis and the Al Ain museum. Al Ain museum is a complete museum which has a lot of information about all the emirates of the country. Al Ain city is quite a well-planned city and also so  beautiful that it attracts a lot of tourist and residents. Al Ain has one of the largest zoo in this region, however in our tour, we do not have enough time to visit the zoo since the is absolutely huge. Therefore this program is excluded in this tour.

The tour continues towards the Buraimi region, which is mostly ruled by the Sultanate of Oman. Buraimi region is fully cultivated with palm trees and they use the Falaj irrigation system. We proceed on for an interesting drive towards the highest mountain which is called the Jebel Hafeet. This is a perfect picnic point for all tourists, since we can see the whole of Al Ain and some of the other emirates too from atop at one glance with the help of a binocular. Climbing onto the top of the mountain is so adventurous that half through the climb we experience changes in us due to the height of the mountain which is 1240 meters above sea level. While descending from this mountain, we will pass through the hot springs. It is believed that these springs hold medicinal values and wetting your feet in the hot springs can cure you from diseases.

Al Ain is also famous for the one and only camel market. Our tour continues to visit this market, where thousands of camels are traded every day. Some of these camels are the country’s reared camels while some are brought to this market from the neighboring countries.   

We can arrange lunch at one of the hotels or the Al Ain  mall at extra cost. We shall later be driving back through the city of Al Ain by evening. The places mentioned here in this tour are the highlights alone. Many more places to be seen are stocked in this tour. 

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