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Camel safari is one of the most authentic desert activities – it is indeed a special experience that words cannot describe unless it is experienced by yourself.  Imagine a life without automobile, when the merchants use to travel countries to country with a camels. You may imagine that great old days when no air pollution that our great grandfathers enjoyed in the early days. You get that same experience freshness and clean air in the remove areas of the desert. You will feel relieved and relaxed, when you enter in the beautiful desert with hundreds of dune like waves.

Our camel safari is organized in very special way as the program is done in an exclusive basis, with individual vehicle for every booking and the camels will carry one couple at time. The camel will be guided by a camel man and guest can ride the camel up to one and half hours. The guest will be transferred from the hotel to the desert with luxury 4x4 wheel drive to reach the middle of the desert, where "well-dressed camels" will take the guest for a ride. Package also included with soft drinks and mineral water. If the guest prefer they can try quad bikes with extra cost on request. It can go well with the route which the camel covered first; then bikes can follow its foot mark so that guest will not miss the track, it would be an added experience. The distance from the hotel to the desert will be approximately one and half hours each way on arrival at the entrance of the desert drivers would deflate the tyres and then go to the desert, the guest will be explained about the camel safari. The guest will get time to relax a bit in majlis safari camp, where the guest will be served chilled mineral water and soft drinks.

This program is suitable to all ages. The camels are specially trained so there wil be no danger. The camels treated and fed well as we are not doing any expolitation of animal rights.

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Duration : 5
Pickup time : 09.00
Drop-off time : 14.00
Adult Kid Adult Kid
275.00 110.00 75.00 30.00
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