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East Coast Tour Dubai

The east coast tour is one of the most famous land tours in this destination. This is one of those tours which takes you to the east coast of the country enriched by nature, beautiful blue watered sea and white sandy beaches. As part of their tour, some also wish to see the Emiratis and their lifestyle, but this is hardly seen in the cosmopolitan emirates. However, while doing an  east coast tour, you can get a chance to pass through  the country side and view  the lifestyle of the Bedouin dominated emirates.East Cost Tour Dubai

Our tour, if it starts from Dubai, the first emirate we would be visiting is the emirate of Sharjah where we can see the most modern Sharjah University. This monument is efficiently constructed with hundreds of domes and speaks volumes of modern Islamic architecture  .

Continue the trip and we shall be arriving at the Friday market of the east coast. The Friday market is so important to all the suburban residents that they come here to buy fruits, vegetables, lovely hand made carpets, handicrafts, finest pottery, potted plants etc.. Friday market has been existing over the years as a place where the locally cultivated vegetables such as beans, carrot, cabbage, tomatoes and fruits such as lemons, mangoes, strawberries etc. As days passed, however, the oil discovered in the region made the local Emiratis less dependent on cultivation for an income. And the migrant population started running this market now.

The east coast region right from a place called Dibba till the Friday market region is made of very  fertile soil and you would witness many farms as you drive through . We proceed with our tour  towards Masafi. Masafi is famous for its water bottling unit. On the way to a famous port called Khor Ffarkan, we shall be stopping at the oldest known mosque in the region  which is called the Badiya mosque made of mud and clay. Adjoining this mosque, is a tiny fort built centuries ago to protect the port of Khor Farrakhan from external aggression. The port is very vital  as it is quite close to the  Strait of Hormuz. During our way to Khor Farrakhan,  we shall be visiting the Dibba fish market which sells huge varieties of fresh catches from the Arabian Sea.

The tour continues towards Fujairah and passes through the beautiful coastal track. One side of the track holds huge mountain ranges and  the other side,  white sandy beaches with deep blue waters.  Fujairah city is a small emirate with a majority of its territory comprising of mountains, some of these mountains cut via sea to build the Palm island and various other projects that reclaim the sea. Our tour takes a ride around the city center of Fujairah, as we  stop at the Fujairah museum. The museum  carries lot of historical information and takes you for a ride through the ancient time. Lunch can be arranged at one of the beach hotels on request. The east coast tour is a complete 10 hour tour which includes some pleasant time at the beach.   

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