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Hatta Mountain Safari

The Hatta Mountain Safari is one of those unique programs offered by this destination as it is totally different from other safaris and tour programs. This tour is a combination of various activities and you would be able to see the country side of the United Arab Emirates and a part of the Sultanate of Oman. Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai

The Hatta Mountain Safari starts early by 8.30 in the morning with a  4 * 4 WD jeep specially configured for mountain tracking. The jeep would set off to Hatta which is around 350 kms  from the city center of Dubai, driving through Wadis ( ancient river beds ) to reach one of the rarest sceneries of an oasis , blooming with the cultivation of  fresh vegetables, fruits and cereals  in this no man’s land. 

Our drive through the Wadis continues until we reach one of the highest points of the mountain peak where you will see the so called suicide point. The drive further continues through the valleys to reach the Hatta pools.

The Hatta pools are a mountainous area, absolutely stunning with beauty, tempting you to click some quick snaps. Walking through the valley, you will reach the Hatta pools, where guests can relax and swim.  So, please do remember to bring along your swim suites. If your program is included with picnic lunch boxes, we shall be serving the same. However, in our normal Hatta safari programs lunch is not included. You do have a perfect option to make your trip more enjoyable by visiting the Hatta Fort mountain resort for a lunch. In this resort, you could also do swimming, archery and clay pigeon shooting. They also have a 9 whole golf course perfect for amateurs. 

Followed by the pool visit, our journey continues to the Hatta village. The Hatta village is one of the rare places in this country where you will experience the lifestyle of the local Emiratis. We stop later at the Heritage village, where we get a true knowledge of the life style of the Bedouins during the early existence in this country.

If time permits, we will make a visit to the surprising water reservoir which was built for electricity generation and irrigation purposes. In Hatta, you will also see the 16th century Portuguese fort, which served as a tax collection point for the goods coming into the Emirates.  

We move on to the Friday market, bustling with the sale of lovely pottery work, handicrafts, handmade carpets, fresh vegetables and fruits, all kinds of horticulture and much more. Take a stroll down the market, use your bargaining skills and choose any item of your choice.     

By late afternoon, you shall be driving back to the hotel. This is one of those safari programs which would tempt you do the program again and again. 

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Duration : 7 hrs 30 minutes
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