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Helicopter Tour Dubai

Helicopter tour of Dubai is one of the best suggested activities in Dubai though the helicopter ride is an expensive program. The helicopter ride is a new comer into the inventory of the various tours in Dubai, since earlier there were certain technical difficulties from the authorities in operating helicopters on a daily basis. However, this has been resolved and the helicopter tour is one of the best programs one can do in Dubai since the city stands high with plenty of skyscrapers worth an aerial view.Helicopter Tour in Dubai

The helicopter tour dubai is recommended because Dubai has numerous high rise buildings which tempt people to fly over, to see this ever growing city’s beautiful landscape. Helicopter ride in Dubai can give you a bird’s eye view of this fantastic city. Ever since the helicopter tours have started, it is one of the bestselling tour programs for every tour operator. During this tour, you shall cover most of the major areas in Dubai.

Abc tours offers you a well-structured, professionally crafted and perfectly tried program which gives you a complete aerial helicopter ride of Dubai. We offer two popular helicopter tours - the first one is for 15 minutes and the second one lasts for 20 minutes.

In the 15 minutes tour, the helicopter boards 4 to 6 people and it would mainly fly over the most beautiful Palm island, the Burj al Arab, the Gulf of Arabia, the Jumeirah beach residence, the marina,  downtown and Burj Khalifa. If one wishes  to view the Palm island in its original shape you must fly above the island  and then you would accept it is indeed the eighth wonder of the world. This is so because it is not an easy task to build an huge island  which resembles the shape of a palm tree with the most beautiful villa and apartments. On the other side of the Palm island there is a unique architectural exhibition of high rise buildings so beautifully built and you would agree that nowhere else on earth such large buildings have ever been constructed. It is not  just the buildings alone but  the excellent landscape making small lakes around the buildings giving a tremendous view. We move further and witness the synonym of the word luxury - “Burj al arab” the first seven star hotel designed like the sail of a ship. From above, one would that the hotel with all its beauty is sailing in the Gulf of Arabia. The helicopter tour Dubai winds up by flying over the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on earth and the old town which is a city inside a city.

The second program is the longer one lasting for 20 minutes and covers all the programs mentioned  above. In addition, we will fly over the Creek of Dubai to view the beauty on either side and also understand the quick and steady growth of Dubai from pearl diving to high rise buildings of the 21 st century. 

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Duration : 15 MINUTES
Pickup time : 10.00 & 15.00
Drop-off time : 12.00 & 17.00
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