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The term MICE is not just limited with meetings, incentives, conferences and events but there is a whole world of activities involved.  Therefore, MICE are the paramount of the hospitality industry where you have to be perfect in every field and one has to have deep rooted knowledge of the destination. ABC Tours MICE professionals would be guiding you all throughout your project and will work hand in glove putting in all the hard work right from the time of quotation preparation until the group departs from the country.

 Most  of the incentive houses these days   eliminate the role of local DMCs and thus landing into  lot of difficulties with regard to  logistical and management support, often  unable to find the right products, ultimately paying up a much higher project cost  than  if done through a  local DMC.  As a DMC, we enjoy some of the lowest hotel rates and almost all the suppliers offer us the lowest rates in the market, and this makes us  to support the project with lowest prices.  ABC Tours services are the highest by quality and lowest by prices in the market.  It has been a proven  fact that any corporate event that takes  place in Dubai , either big or small,   ABC TOURS  services are involved directly or indirectly as some of these programs were framed , tested and implemented by ABC Tours and can be executed perfectly  only by us.  We also own the one and only 5 star rated camp in Dubai and we have a fleet of brand new vehicles. 

Managing MICE operations is no “child’s play”, so goes the saying and is not an easy task any tour operator can perform.  ABC Tours have a team of professionals who are given regular trainings and product updates as the market is ever changing.  Our team is well trained to conduct the project skillfully, looking into every minute detail, so that nothing can stop the project from achieving the highest level of success and customer satisfaction.

While you are selecting the venues for MICE, please  do remember Dubai , as it is one of the best destinations for MICE , possessing numerous world class products and services available to you at affordable rates . Also, Dubai is well blessed with white sandy beaches and deep blue waters, another added reason to choose Dubai as a MICE venue. 

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