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Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

The overnight safari is that  unique program which everyone loves to sleep in a remote place surrounded by high sand dunes; where the stars lit up as night lamp, the moon as lantern, the sky as the roof,  a place free from noise and pollution where you share your great moments with your friends and relatives. When the winter starts in Dubai from October to mid of May is the right time to do the overnight safari. The temperature in Dubai during winter will be between 12 degree to 20 degree is this time make you feel like you are not on earth but in the heaven on earth. Overnight safari is the best way get a relief from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of life so everyone must do it at least once in life to time. The program is a day and night program that starts early in the afternoon power packed with adventurous drives, lots of activities, the experience of the Bedouin life and the secrets of the 1001 Arabian nights.Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

The program start with a 4x4 wheel drive jeeps for a  smashing performace of roller coster ride over the gaint dunes of the Arabian desert. The jeeps would be setup by deflating the tyres for dune bashing to deep into the desert, with the jeeps jumping from one dune to the other, conquering new peaks and heights. The fun accelerates when you slide down the high dunes, enjoying the feeling of weightlessness, while it is time to conquer the next peak and so on.

We later drive on to reach our camp, the one and only 5 star standard desert camp in Dubai with all facilities such as neatly maintained  toilets with  ample water, uninterrupted electricity and  perfect seating area. On arrival at the camp, you shall be given a traditional Arabic welcome with dates, tea and coffee. Inside the camp you can engage and entertain yourselves with numerous activities such as camel riding, shisha and sand-skiing. The Henna lady offers you some fine Arabic paintings on your hands and palms. As you experience these Arabic activities, we serve you with snacks and soft drinks.

After the sunset when you settle down in your place, it is time for the anxiously awaited Tanura show. You would be amazed to see the movements of performer doing the age old Egyptian dance  solo male dance.  After the Tanura, we shall be serving you with a full and rich 1001 Arabian night’s barbeque dinner. Once you are through with  dinner,  sit back and feast your eyes and ears to the scintillating dance of a Belly dancer  showing her skills dancing to the tunes of  traditional Arabic songs.

Once the dinner is our the camp put the bon fire sit around it to experience the bedouin life in the oasis. The lights would be turned off, as you relax yourselves in the beautiful starlit night. We would be providing you with sleeping bags/ mattresses, pillows and bed spreads as you doze off to a deep sleep in the tranquility of the desert. Morning bells sound as the nightingale sings sweetly for you. You wake up, freshen yourselves and have a nice continental breakfast specially prepared for you. Now, it is time to drive back to hotel with memories to be treasured a lifetime.

It is suggested that those guest who book the overnight safari need not book a hotel paralley, this ways guest can save money. Tthis program can save your money because overnight safari is included overnight stay dinner, break fast,

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