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Quad Biking in Dubai

Get an Adventurous opportunity of QUAD BIKING IN DUBAI

One of adventurous sports in the desert land of the United Arab Emirate and  it is widely agreed by many  riders that this country  is the perfect place for quad biking because of medium soft sand  dunes that adds speed to bikes and also has perfect control. In this country the desert sands move faster and therefore there is no risk of falling into inner hidden pockets like some deserts in the world. It is always suggested to do the quad biking in the open desert since it saves you and your bike, as the quad bike is only used as sport utility equipment and strictly not for road transportation.Quad Biking in Dubai

We at ABC Tours Dubai, take you to the desert land which is 75 kms away from the city of Dubai, where there is beautiful red and golden coloured open desert sand. There is note better place in this country but the Margham desert which is close to Hatta region.  

The Quad Biking is offered to all age groups irrespective of the gender whether male or female. Our fleet does have various types of quad bikes to suit the taste of everyone - starting with 50CC to 500 CC which is the most powerful one.  All our bikes are 4x4 wheel drive and which are perfect for sand surfing. These bikes are so powerful that you could reach on the top of the majestic sand dunes within seconds. Our quad bikes are manufactured by reputed companies from various parts of the world and these bikes meet all the safety standards. Please remember that the quad bikes are not to be used for transportation nor on the roads. You are permitted to drive in the desert or in the country side and therefore these bikes do not carry insurance.

It is very important to understand the bike and its functions by driving a few minutes on plain land and once you are sure that the bike is perfect for you to manage you may start driving on desert dunes. It is important that one must be careful with the safety aspects and therefore we provide all riders with helmet, and hand gloves. The hand gloves are important to have control and grip while jumping from one sand dune to the other.

The suitable timings for quad biking are - during winter any time in the day and during summer in the early morning hours or after 5 pm in the evening. We would not suggest quad biking during the day time in summer  due to high temperatures and humidity, whereas in winter you can do it at any during the day. During rainy days and days when there is desert storm please abstain from doing quad tour Dubai.

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