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Sharjah City Tour 5 HRS

Sharjah is an emirate, which is sharing most of its land boundaries with Dubai; therefore, it is only 10 – 15 kilometers away from the city of Dubai.  Sharjah has always been maintaining its emirate, rich with culture and modalities without losing the rich values of Islam.  Therefore, Sharjah is called the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, ruled by Sheikh Mohammad bin Sultan al Qassmi. The ruler of Sharjah is a lover of arts and sports and he promoted many museums and venues that speaks if the nation’s culture.Sharjah City Tour in Dubai As soon as you enter into Sharjah, you would feel like it is totally different from the neighboring emirates. Sharjah is a green emirate with full of date palms, spacious well maintained parks and during the spring, this emirate is blooming with bright flowers.

The word Sharjah means “the rising sun”. Sharjah has been very famous in the past due to a few international sports such as cricket that were played in Sharjah. This attracted many sports lovers to the emirate in the past.

We start our tour as soon as we cross the border between Sharjah and Dubai.  You will experience high rise buildings that accommodate millions of the expatriate population who work in Dubai and Sharjah. These buildings are planned and maintained well to the international standards and are also affordable to use. We shall make our first photo stop at the Al Tawun Square which was made as a monument for the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC).  You would witness a statue which has emblems of all the emirates and the GCC nations engraved on it.  Not far from the square, you would also see the famous Sharjah exhibition Centre and the Al Qasba entertainment area.

During our Sharjah city tour, we shall be stopping at various historical and cultural venues which give detailed information of the glorious past of this nation to the tourists. We shall continue the tour to see the Pearl Mount,  a monument built in commemoration of the federation of UAE.  We will have a photo stop at the King Faisal mosque which is known as the central mosque of the emirate. Then our drive continues around the beautiful Corniche lined with date trees , lush green grass areas  and we make a stop at the Blue souk which is the largest souk in the emirate. It has always been experienced that shopping in Sharjah,  is at least  10 - 20 percent less expensive than elsewhere.

Our 5 hours detailed sightseeing tour of Sharjah touches every part of Sharjah such as the famous Rolla market, the fish and vegetable market and   the rarest of the rare birds and animal market. The tour will not conclude here but we continue to see the Kuwaiti Square, the Islamic theatre, the Islamic architectural center and the Holy Quran roundabout also called the Cultural Square.

During our tour, we will visit one of the museums which give a lot of information about the culture and heritage of the nation. 

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