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Six Emirates Tour 11 HRS

The 6 emirates tour is a specially designed, successfully tried and tested program. In a single day, we shall be covering 6 emirates in a country comprising 7 emirates. The only emirate we shall not be covering is Abu Dhabi.  Abu Dhabi is one of the largest emirates, occupying the lion share of the UAE.  However, this emirate tour can be done through ABC Tours – Tour of Abu Dhabi. 6 Emirates Tour in Dubai

ABC Tours Six emirates tour is a 12 hours long program starting at 8 am in the morning and returning to the hotel at 8 pm. The tour is crafted in such a way keeping in mind that it is a 12 hour tour and at no point the guests should feel worn out or bored.  During this tour,  we shall be seeing some interesting places of attraction worth visiting while all through the tour the guest will be updated on all latest developments in each of the emirate.

The tour starts with Dubai, by passing through the mini Manhattan in the Middle East. We make a photo stop at the world’s tallest building – The Burj Khalifa. We drive through the city of Dubai, visit the Dubai museum, the Gold souk and the Spice market. We move to Sharjah,  the cultural capital of the UAE. We shall be passing through all the important tourist sites namely the Rolla Street, King Faisal mosque, the Blue souk, the Pearl monument, Al Tawun square, the Al Qasba, fish  and bird market , and then drive to Ajman, the smallest emirate.

Again we step back into the border province of Sharjah, to reach the cultural square or the Holy Quran round about. Here, you will see the headquarters of the Islamic performing art theatre and the museum for Islamic architecture. Finally, we make a photo stop at the Holy Quran round about. Drive further to see the campus of the Sharjah University and then move on to Umm al Qwain, another emirate.

Drive through the city of Umm al Qwain, and reach the beach areas of the emirate of Ras al  Khaimah. Both Ras al Khaimah and Umm al Qwain are beautiful emirates since they possess two beautiful aspects of nature namely beaches and mountains. Therefore, both these emirates are hotspots of holiday makers. Continue driving through the city of Ras al Khaimah, to reach the oldest mosque called the Badiyah mosque, made of mud and stone bricks with tiny domes adorning it. Drive towards Khor Farrakhan, the oldest port of the country which is situated at the tip of the Strait of Hormuz. We now arrive at the next emirate of Fujairah. The drive continues through the picturesque view of high sky scraping mountains on one side and lovely sandy beaches on the other, to arrive at a place called Masafi famous for its mineral water bottling unit. We shall take a stop at the Friday market and those who wish to purchase some nice hand-made carpets may do so here at affordable prices. Our 6 emirates tour is now complete and by the evening we reach our hotels in Dubai.  

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